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By mondsworth, Oct 18 2015 08:45AM

It is often said that we should try something new occasionally and that's exactly what we did on Saturday 17th October.

We were invited to take our trade stand to the very first TGCA British Dressage Championships at Keysoe, Bedfordshire by our new friends at the TGCA and of course we were delighted to accepted. It was an honour to be part of the very first BD Dressage Championships and wonderful to see so many hairy dancing cobs.

We are still new to the world of the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association but have been made to feel extremely welcome and loved seeing a sea of floating feathers, long flowing manes and full floor length tails. It makes a change to plaited warmbloods.

We've been having great fun with new hairy, feathery and dancing based slogans for our popular headbands. A particular favourite in the office has been suggested by a members husband: 'If you think my cob has hairy legs you should see my wife's!' Unfortunately it's a little too long for the headband.

The most popular slogan from the dressage was by far 'I like to dance with hairy legs', with a few suggesting it would be great on a rug or a hoodie but is anyone brave enough?

By mondsworth, Sep 30 2015 08:34PM

On the 10th September, we received a "damsel in distress" message that the TGCA (Traditional Gyspy Cob Association) had been left down by a sponsor and we were asked whether we could help, by stepping in a supplying prizes for the Dressage series.

Of course as new TGCA members we were delighted to have been asked, and with a few late and long evenings we managed to deliver the goodies on time. We were even asked if we would give out the prizes at the prize giving!

By mondsworth, Sep 30 2015 08:04PM

Apologies everyone that we have been so quiet lately, as our facebook followers will be aware, my mum (the boss) fell off XC training and shattered her wrist. Thankfully, I am pleased to announce, she is almost back to fitness, although waiting for a scan on her shoulder. Although I can do the computer side of things textiles was never my favourite subject at school.

By unknown, May 6 2015 12:31PM

As a new business we are looking to spread our name far and wide! We are very grateful for all the recommendations so far!

If you are holding a horse show and would like us to attend with our Trade Stand, please get in touch! Ideally within one hour of Bicester.

By Samuel Isaacs, Apr 29 2015 07:05PM

We are very glad to announce that our new Website is live! Feel free to have a browse and if you have any questions or queires, give us a shout at: info@mondsworthstyle.co.uk


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